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  • The Imperial Task Force Storm participates in organized and impromptu space combat missions. We support the Wanderhome Open and Classic competitions as well as train for pvp combat almost every Friday evening around 9pm EST. Those interested meet in Deep Space to battle it out under a relatively organized impromptu squadron formation. Despite being often outnumbered and out-gunned, we fire up our engines and warm up our capacitors to do battle and hope to bring glory to the Empire. We are also organizing a training school to develop pilot skill levels of those who have joined the unit and to better prepare for pvp combat as a team.

    Our headquarters have been recently placed on Corellia in the beautiful city of Pax Imperia. The ITF Strom operates in the Space Systems of Corellia, Naboo, Tatoo, Lok, Dathomir, Yavin, Kashyyyk, Endor, Kessel and in Deep Space.
    The task force is independent of guild. No guild membership is required to serve in any capacity. However, we do encourage all honorable Imperials to enlist. Only when we become organized in more permanent squadrons can we excel in space combat against the rebel horde.

    You need not submit a squadron application to show your support and join the task force.

    If you feel that you would be an ideal squadron leader, you must find five other pilots (no alts) that are willing to support you and follow your orders. By the no alts requirement, it is meant that no person may serve in two combat positions within the fleet. If you cannot fight with both characters at the same time, then one is dead weight. In addition to the names of five other pilots willing to serve, you must submit a name for your squadron that will be reviewed by the command staff. If the name is decided to be acceptable for an Imperial fighter squadron and all is in order, the squadron will be assigned to the fighter wing and unit training can begin. If you are able to muster more than five other pilots, we will allow an additional two pilots plus three reserve pilots for each squadron (and they ought to be marked as reserve pilots). Alternatively, if your guild has enough leaders, you can recruit a second squadron.

    Any individual pilots that desire to join can do so by submitting your name and highest level of ship component they can use to Torlina. Torlina is the Recruitment and Retention Officer for ITF Storm. Individual pilots will be placed in a pool to be recruited from when forming new squadrons. Also, anyone interested in becoming a squadron leader should speak with Torlina to see if any pilots are unassigned.

    Name of Event:
    Deep Space Fighter Practice
    In-game Contact:
    Imperials: Raiphe
    Rebels: Elvar
    Location: :
    Deep Space
    Date: Time:
    Friday, 9:00 EDT

    JOIN US!

    The Imperial Task Force Storm is based on the MMO Star Wars Galaxies released by Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts.The home Server of our members is Wanderhome.
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